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With a little bit of luck, Craig made it through the night..!

DJ Slipz, more widely known as Craig our bassman, entertained the masses warming up for legendary Hip Hop DJ AC Skillz and headliners DJ Luck and MC Neat with his blend of progressive House and Trance.

The gig as featured in The Times, The Daily Mail, Radio 1 and Channel 4 (See bulletin board for more info) was the first of three high profile nights this month - stay tuned for news of the other two!

Chemical Brothers Style TV Screens provided the visuals for the night...  
The Crew T-Shirts - available soon on IndigoWeb (Not).  
DJ Clive Mead (remixer of Butterfly on Razorblade)  
Our very own DJ Slipz!  
Who is this guy that wanted his photo taken with Slipz?  
DJ Luck and MC Neat - booooooooo, rinsin', Napa, with a little bit of luck...etc