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Didn't this band do some recording last June? What the BLAZES is going on? - 09/02/2003
Click here for an update on our predictably slow recording adventures...

Newsflash! Indigo Imposter at large! - 07/02/2003
Sordid attempt to gain favour revealed... more

February Gig Date Announced - 07/02/2003
Indigo return to Broadbridge Heath for another Rock Asylum night... more

First Indigo Gig of 2003 a success! - 06/02/2003
Read more here

Indigo keyboard player leaves band amid monkey scandal - 28/01/2003
Click here for more info

M2: Miffstock rescheduled - 12/05/2002
Check out the latest Miffstock news..more

M2: Miffstock Postponed - 08/04/2002
Some of you probably already know this..more

M2: Band Confirmation Update.

Everafta and Nematosys confirm for Friday night appearance at Miffstock!..more

Miffstock 2002 - M2: Miffstock Strikes Back
Miffstock will return in May 2002 - Official!...more

DJ Slipz and his little bit of luck - 09/02/2002
Craig and his wheels of steel.....more

Craig, P and Chip in Chamonix - 06/02/2002
Words and phots from an injury ridden week!..more

Miffstock 2002 Update - 06/02/2002
Latest on Miffstock 2002.....more

New Indigo Album - 06/02/2002
Check out the latest on the follow up to SG..more

Tribute Gig Details - 23/11/2001

7th December - Tribute to Fil Kablanski...more

IndigoWeb on Holiday in Liverpol - 18/09/2001
Get in touch if you are interested in joining in with the party of 18 so far to journey to Liverpool for the Cavern gig on 6th

IndigoWeb launches its summer 2001 range of clothing…! - 25/07/2001
Strictly limited edition prints available on Monday 13th August! Pre orders are being taken now....more

GSMTV Video Teaser Pictures - 02/07/2001
From the forthcoming video....more

The Indigo Sunrise back at The Garage - 21/06/2001
Back at the Garage in Islington, London on Friday 27th July. Coach available - Click here for more...

New Miffstock Pictures 11/06/2001
Look out, its FATM!...more

Record Companies Get Wise at last 07/06/2001
Sony, V2 and Epic....more

GSMTV Video Shoot - 29/05/2001
Behind the scenes photos from IndigoCam..more

Full Miffstock 2001 Review - 29/05/2001
Check out the full IndigoWeb review...more

Back in Camden Town? - 24/05/2001
TIS set to rock the Underworld in August..more

Miffstock Sunday IndigoCam Pictures-21/05/2001
All the latest from Sunday nights entertainment..more

Miffstock Football Tournament - 20/05/2001
See the latest pictures! (full review to follow)..more

Miffstock Exclusive Friday Night Pics - 19/05/2001
Exclusive pictures from last nights here!

Kerrang review Sonic Graffiti - 09/05/2001
"Rocks like a Bastard" - Kerrang talk about Sonic Graffiti, awarding 4 out of 5 K's (beating Megadeth and Izzy Stradlin)...full review

Miffstock Tickets On Sale! - 25/04/2001

Tickets for Miffstock went on sale today - get yours now to avoid dissapointment

Gig Dates Added - 24/04/2001
Check out the latest gig guide for The Indigo Sunrise
Miffstock Tickets - 23/04/2001
Tickets for Miffstock go on sale from next Wednesday. Available as one or two day passes, we anticpate a high demand for tickets, so get yours early
Sonic Graffiti Sales - 15/04/2001
Thanks to everyone who has brought Sonic Graffiti since its launch
GSMTV Video - 10/04/2001
Filming is set to commence for the video to GSMTV in two weeks. The video team have spent today surveying prospective sites and the perfect one has been found....stay tuned for more info soon..
The Cavern, Liverpool - 03/04/2001
Check out the review, complete with pictures and find out exactly why The Indigo Sunrise are now doing community service...
Miffstock 2001 - 27/03/2001
Miffstock 2001 is getting closer, and IndigoWeb has been working hard this last week to put together a great weekend....
Album News - 23/03/2001
Regular visitors to this site will already be able to predict the contents to follow in this news flash…