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The Indigo Sunrise back at The Garage

It is now confirmed that we will be performing at the Garage in Islington, London on Friday 27th July.

We have now arranged for a lovely 71 seater Double Decker bus to take all you lovely chaps n' lasses to and from the venue!! (think of all that lovely London sightseeing you'll be able to do...mmmm, nice!)

Anyway, for all those interested, tickets will be on sale from Monday 25th June at a bargain price of £4 per ticket!!

As far as we know, it will also cost about £4 to get into the venue, still...quite a cheap night out (depending on how much you drink!)

To book your seat, just leave a text message/answer phone message on 07968 733139 or email iwannacometothegarage@theindigosunrise.co.uk (possibly the longest email address in the world..ever.!), and we'll get those tickets out to you as soon as we can!!