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Kerrang Review of Sonic Graffiti - 12/05/2001

Heartening Evidence of life in Horsham

LOOK AT the evidence. No money, no record company, no future, right? Well, if that old maxim holds true, no-one has told The Indigo Sunrise, who at their own expense, have created a rather stunning little debut.

You have to be up early to pick holes in this album's glossy exterior. The spunk and rush of 'GSMTV', 'Slacker Anthem' and the popsy cuteness of 'Fantastic Girl' could have practically sat on the latest Feeder album. Which is another way of saying that The Indigo Sunrise are bloody good indeed. On the downside, they do tend to overcook some of their songs, several being a good two minutes too long.

Okay, so they try a bit too hard to impress, but for a self-financed effort, this rocks like a bastard.

Steve Beebee - Kerrang