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M2: Miffstock Postponed - 08/04/2002

Some you may already know this, and to others this probably not come as a
surprise, but due to the licensing issues at BBH we have had to postpone
Miffstock 2002 until later in the year.

Miffstock is all about raising money for charity and a FAMILY event, and
with the new restrictions at BBH to make it over 18's only, we really had no
option but to postpone.

We have another backup plan in the pipeline, and we are working hard to put
this together. Funnily enough the change in venue could actually make
Miffstock bigger and raise more money whilst remaining a family/no age
restriction event.

In the meantime keep checking for latest

We shall still be playing Friday 17th May 2002 at BBH (support to be
confirmed, maybe the council would like to form a band for the occasion, iam
sure they would go down well..!!!).