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New Indigo Album??

Nick P & Nick Wood are already hard at work writing new material to follow up Sonic Graffiti. Tracks already finished include 'You Vs Me' and 'Evil Eye' both of which featured regularly in last years live shows. The new material looks set to continue in the unpredictable and varied style that is evident on the 4K rated debut.

Meanwhile, Craig has been working hard on the infamous Gravity project which has hit national headlines in recent weeks due to its association with So Solid Crew. The main feature in last Friday's Daily Mail seems to be the icing on the cake for this project. You should be able to catch Craig, as DJ Slipz, spinning his house and trance later in 2002.

Tony & Chris have been spending several intoxicated nights putting some instrumental tunes together which could surface in some form in the future. The tracks so far are an eclectic mix which would grace the soundtrack of the next Matrix film (if they get the gig that is). Tony has also written the score for Freeze Dried Ham's debut film. The film features some great work from actors, directors and behind the scenes folk alike - all of which are from the Horsham area. Check it out if you get the chance.