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Camden UnderWorld, London - 02/03/2001

Photos courtesy of Miffy

Friday night.
A school trip-like coach journey.
Underage drinking.
Loud rock music.

Surely these are all the components needed for a classic night out, and hopefully the 50-ish people that travelled up from Horsham to attend our gig at The Camden Underworld would be sure to agree.

The coach left Horsham's Carfax around 7.17pm, filled with the likes of Kablanski & Chris from Everafta, the Miffy & Pilch posse, Angelmouse, the entire staff of Costa Coffee, swearing Kerry from Wide Load, Bonnie & Clyde, Slash & Sweetchild, the mighty Russ and… err Katharine Hope from GE Life in Dorking.

Meanwhile, the indigo sunrise were beavering away at a sound check. Bassist and hat obsessed chappy Craig was missing so P had to blunder through it on bass, making numerous apologies for the crackling Trace Elliott amp. Van Driving superstar Phillius Fog had already been drafted in by the venue as stand in engineer… jeez, you could tell it was gonna be a kerayzee evening.

By the time the coach arrived, the band were already comfortably ensconced in their backstage dressing room. This was, of course, the same dressing room facilities used by Slash's Snakepit on their recent visit to the UK! This concept was not lost on Reaper and Mr Schroeter, who quickly signed up for guided tours. Super Karina, of Popart fanzine, decided to make everyones evening by supplying copies of a new fanzine dedicated to everything Indigo - Slacker Anthems. This kept the band amused no end (and hopefully a few other people too!)

Soon enough it was time to take to the stage. Following arty weirdo's 'So So' was sure to be an easy task, but could the Indigo Boys out do their recent appearance at the Extra Time Bar?! The buzzing crowd of earlier in the evening had been exaggerated even further by the arrival of the Horsham contingent, and the venue was sure ready to ignite.

So, the indigo sunrise took to the stage with GSMTV. It Rocked furiously, as a buddy of mine is keen on saying. Slacker Anthem followed, before another technical hitch. Brainless singer P had decided to use a dodgy geetar lead. Will that boy ever learn? Consequently, he dedicated Slowly to the travelling fans before his amp signal fizzled and died. Cue heckling, jeering and mocking laughter from the crowd. There was only one thing for it - swear lots like Kerry from Wide Load would, and get Woody to cover! Excellent plan. The song was ready to start, and by the end a replacement lead had been found to rescue the widdley guitar solo. Nice.

Cars was up next. Blimey, this one ruled! As everything else did from there on!! ATQ was great! Fantastic Girl & Small Town - Yeow!!. You VS Me was LUSH! Evil Eye was in a different class. Craig asked for some moshing, and he sure got it!! People were in real danger of getting squished or strangled by flying hair, but everyone was safe in the end. Bless. By this time, the sound crew had signalled that the show must end. Not before Ziggy Stardust though matey! I'm liking that!! Lots of singing accompanied this one (no surprises there!!).

And then it was time to brave the blizzard conditions outside and head home. The coach eventually arrived and escorted the drunken army home. Much puking and mobile phone action followed. The band struggled with their gear in the snowy conditions AND got lost in north London. But it was worth it. P made up for his terrible guitar antics of earlier by stealing the other bands backstage rider - 6 cans of beer! Yehay!! Cue boozing and shouting!

…and there was much rejoicing… all the way home. Ahhh.