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Fil Kablanski Tribute Gig - BBH - 07/12/2001

The Blaggers , The Indigo Sunrise, Goatboy, Steve Ansell plus guest appearances (!) from Nick Paxton (Brothers JAF) Phil Young (O5) and Bruce Woodford (Ex-Remember Jealousy)

A Worthy Tribute Everafta

The night kicked off around 8pm with local band Goatboy and there was already at least a 100 strong crowd. They opened with a classic rendition of Pink Floyds Wish You Were Here with the help of Matt Scutt on guitar. There set rocked on for 45 minutes including versions of Abba songs and many other popular classics.

With the crowd well and truly warmed up Steve Ansell of The Oedipus took to the stage with a 2 song acoustic set whilst the bands changed over. Steve opened with an original song and quickly followed it up with a Rolling Stones cover. As Steve finished his last song the crowd could see The Indigo Sunrise had crept on stage and were ready to go. By this point the crowd had grown to a around 250 people, sports center managers with very worried looks on their faces were quietly asking if we could stop letting people in. "Oh ! Of course we will !!!"

The Indigo Sunrise opened with a few covers from the good old days of Remember Jealousy and to the delight of the Crowd Bruce Woodford and Phil Young joined the band on stage to play a few of the old songs. White Wine and Vodka went down a treat. Nick Paxton of the Brothers Jaf also joined The Indigo boys on stage for a couple of songs including Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing. Their set was rounded up by yet another cover from the Remember Jealousy years, everyone's Wildhearts favourite Headfuck.

Time for another acoustic set whilst The Blaggers (Nirvana Tribute) got ready for the stage. Nick Paxton of The Brothers Jaf returned to the stage to play a few of his hits from over the years. This was quickly followed by Scott who performed Where Did You Sleep Last Night in true Kurt Cobain style.

Now to round off the night was a Nirvana Tribute band who had named themselves The Blaggers on the evening before the gig due to the fact they had never practiced and most of them had never performed in a band together before. They started their set with Something In The Way and quickly followed it up with Heart Shaped Box. The night went on and old Nirvana songs from all the albums were performed including Floyd The Barber, School and Polly. After 45 minutes of Nirvana tracks The Blaggers performed a few Phreak tracks. Fil was the bass player in Phreak from 1994 - 1999. They played 3 tracks - Plinky, Acid Flashback and everybody's favourite Another Cigarette. The night was slowly drawing to a close but there was just time for Everafta to hit the stage and play a few songs instrumental.

The whole evening was a complete success and door takings raised £800. There are still a few donations to come in and The Extra Time Café and BBH Sports Centre are kindly donating some of Friday night's profits towards the collection for a Plaque for Fil. Matt Andrews former band member of Phreak commented on the evening "One thing is for sure, Friday night was a night that will be remembered for a long time and a night Fil will be proud of. Thanks to everyone who performed, donated, sat in the audience, jumped around in the audience and especially to Graham Ansell and Phil Young for giving up their time to bring down all the gear and set it up, without them this night of music and remembrance would never have taken place. I will let you know how much was raised and where the plaque will be situated as soon as I know."