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The Garage, Islington, London - 27/07/2001

Review from 'Electricia Silverstoned Fanzine - issue #4'

The Indigo Sunrise - Live @ The Garage, Highbury 27.07.2001

The Indigo Sunrise turned the Highbury Garage into a musical microwave oven on Friday evening with a sweaty, energetic show.

Around 40 die hard fans made the journey to London all the way from the band's home village of Horsham to witness the event and, from what I saw, it was well worth the trip. The Indigo boys turned the onstage temperature from Defrost to Roast at around 10:15pm, after a great set from Courtesan, a 4 piece alt. rock outfit all the way from Derby. Courtesan impressed greatly with their well crafted tunes. Think early Radiohead, blended with a retro baggy feel (Neds most noteably). Definitely ones to check out when they get to play in this part of the world again.

Opening with 'Asking The Questions', The Indigo Sunrise were greeted by a stampede to the front by a handful of their travelling supporters, and follow up tune 'Cars' saw the number of people dancing wildly grow even further. This was a cool version of Numan's old 80's electronica standard, pumped up with a steroid injected guitar riff and some tribal percussion. The remainder of the set was made up from songs on the band's debut album 'Sonic Graffiti' which has been receiving some critical acclaim of late. They did showcase two new tunes, the first 'You VS Me' has a slightly early Police feel (in a good way… no Do Do Do Do stuff here, mind!), while the second 'Evil Eye' is more of an aggressive Smashing Pumpkins-esque tune, complete with rasping, distorted guitars and a snarling vocal line. It was then left to crowd favourite, and my personal fave from the afore mentioned album, 'GSMTV' to wrap up the 45 minute set, and it did the job in style. Always nice to end on a high note, and this tune sure has one of those!

The band now look forward to a return to the Extra Time Bar in Broadbridge Heath (?! Somewhere near Horsham allegedly!) on Friday 31st August for what is being billed as the 'Indigo Freakshow'. The promise of mystery prizes for the most insanely dressed person plus some new material should attract the usual crowd and perhaps the more adventurous from out of town too. If you ever needed a reason to visit Horsham, here they are…

Ted Salvageboat