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Sun 9th February 2003

OK, so, err...like.....what shall I write?

Just went snowboarding again and it was cool. Boarding rules. My porn career is starting to take off (I knew having a 13 1/2 inch penis would come in handy one day). Got to hang out with Jenna Jameson and friends last week and our new film will be available soon in the UK via Xplicit Films UK.

That's about it... everything is cool. Peace and love. Hope you are all having a fun 2003 and I look forward to seeing you all when I resume bass duties in the band.

Happy drivin'


I haven't had enough time to really put anything interesting in my miniweb. Soon I hope to add a MP3 chart of my top 10 tunes and other cool stuff, but first I must finish playing solitaire!

If you are wondering though, I play the bass, I like Justin Timberlake, I love loads and I am spunky. Write to me if you wanna touch my balls. Discression assured, you big hairy fluff boy!

Craig in Love Juggs 6, Jan 2003