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Remember Jealousy

If you really want to know about The Indigo Sunrise, you need to know about Remember Jealousy. At best, Remember Jealousy were entertaining power pop obsessed kids with far too much time on their hands and a fair few riffs and ideals nicked from the Wildhearts. At worst, they were a bunch of underachieving, egotistical losers who revelled in pissing people off (at least, that's what their fans would say!) Remember Jealousy featured, amongst others, me, Woody & Craig, and when I look back on the time we were together (1994 to 1998) it reminds me exactly how many opportunities we wasted. Pisser, huh? Oh well. We got a few EPs together, which are fondly recalled by a few Horsham music fans once in a while. But I think the main thing we used to do was piss people off! I really couldn't say why this was. Maybe we were just to darn good? Maybe we were more rubbish than the Sheffield Wednesday defence? Probably we were just cocky as hell. But other local bands really used to cheer up when we turned up at joint gigs… err, not! We'd occasionally bomb out shows at a moment's notice (or none at all - Inn On The Prom, Worthing!! Haha!) just to keep the promoters and venues on their toes, and cement their beliefs in those ever so safe tribute bands. If we'd been more organised I think we could have actually done quite well. But we weren't. Anyway, what use are regrets if you're not going to regret them once in a while eh?

Remember Jealousy's finest moment came in 1996, with the release of the Wake Up EP. The cover was all DIY art student graft and post-production fluke, and that summed up the tracks contained too - five songs written about trips to the Rocket in Crawley, and tales of psychopathic girlfriends on speed. We sold a fair few copies through Our Price and we all felt pretty cool for a while afterwards. That's what its all about, right? We've still got a few copies left too, if you want one? Our first EP, Humour Injection (1995) was a pretty classy affair too. It featured lots of Sebastian Bach impressions and Slash type solos. Consequently we shifted all 200 copies of this one. We also recorded one more EP in 1997, which never saw the light of day. It's currently gathering dust on my bedroom shelf, but it did have some amusing tunes on it.

Remember Jealousy and The Indigo Sunrise are two sides of the same coin… The Indigo Sunrise are just a little bit more wise. Does that count for anything? Hmmm…. I'll let you know in a few years time in my autobiography. Perhaps. :p