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Chris Dale - The Interview

Indigoweb in Bold
Chris in Itallic

Hello, Chris. What are you up to right now then?
I'm abusing myself while reading indigoweb, watching MTV2 and cooking my pants. The Divine Comedy are on and some bloke is wailing away! Oh, it's their singer! he just does something for me.

OK then… on the subject of music, what albums are you listening to at the moment?
YMCA is going round alot, as is Petshop Boys. Marilyn Manson - Holywood. I went to see him at the Docklands the other week and he was great live… a real breath of fresh air. Also Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish album, i like choclate starfish. I really need to go and see them on 6th June when they play in the UK. Oh, and Incubus' Make Yourself album… I'm listening to that a lot again right now.

What are you looking forward to most in 2001?
Hopefully, the success of the indigo sunrise! I'm looking forward to the gigs we've got lined up and meeting the people who come and see us. And of course the album release. That's going to be great. And the continuation of seedless grapes…

(Grapes? Whats he going on about? Better distract him!)
What impression do you think the album will make?

I think it will hit people in a different way to a 'normal' album. It's a challenging album to listen to as opposed to some albums that become background music after two weeks of listening to them. If it's advertised enough it could become one of our finest moments.

You put a lot of thought into that answer! Are you tired now?!
Ha, yeah!

Ideally then, what does the future hold for you?
Sorting out my plan B career and to play a part in the success of the indigo sunrise in every way possible! I've got more to say on that one, but I can't think of it right now!

Hmmm… that's commitment for you…
No, I mean I don't want a normal career! I want to do this!!

(Ok…we're convinced, I guess.)
Lets move on. I'll throw in some lighter questions for you. Which member of your band would you least like to room with on tour?

Woody!! He'd break everything in the hotel room including my bones probably! Or Tony because I might lose him!

(I think they're both gonna break your bones anyway after reading this.)
What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Smirnoff Ice. I don't drink it much, but it sure does the job! The Aftershock always comes out when you go out for a drink with P, and that really hits home too. It's my 21st birthday soon, so there's going to be a lot of drinking that night!

Oh, right. Are you sure you won't be driving that night then?
Yes. I DEFINITELY WON'T be doing the driving that night!!!

(You read it here first, people!)
Lets get back to music - what music makes you sick? What tunes do you hate?

POP BANDS MADE UP OF 5 TARTED UP PUFFS! (Sorry, I had to use capital letters for that!). They have no talent and are formed for the record company's pockets.

Can you name names?
People like S Club 7 and Five. They really piss me off!

(No Boyzone then? Anyway… chill out please!)
Now you're all heated up, lets go back to the tough questions! How long do you see the band lasting?
(Long pause. Very long pause!)

I believe the indigo sunrise will make another album after Sonic Graffiti, but to put a time limit on it all would be stabbing myself in the heart. Know what I mean? I can't really think of a good way of saying it, but we'll stop when the fun stops.

What's up next for the band?
Bigger things! 2001 is the year of The Indigo Sunrise!!! Things have become brighter since last year and I can still feel them growing. Who knows what's next? But I like the idea of not knowing because its part of the excitement.

The interview is almost over. Chris starts a new job tomorrow, so we'd better let him get prepared. There's just time for one more question….
Do you have anything to confess?

I don't think so, unless anyone knows any different! If so, thy'd better let me know through the website!

OK. Time to leave the chatroom. Interview terminated @ 19:25 hrs.
And he didn't say "Well the thing is…" once!