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Ozzfest 2001

Starring Indigos Nicky:P (mobile off licence) & Chip Dale (getaway driver), Special Guest Star Kablanski of Everafta (animal impressions & visual entertainment)


1. Chip arrives at the P Mansion, 1 hour late after another heavy night at Shelleys. 2. The Spiromobile interrupts Kablanski as he tries to mug a young mother & child. He is apprehended and joins the mission.
3. Introducing Dogboy! 4. On arrival at the Milton Keynes Bowl, Ozzy's burly security officials try to confiscate the Vodka & Coke, luckily it gets drunk first.
5. "…Hey! Save some for me!" 6. Meanwhile, Chip makes do with liquid ecstasy.
7. "Now where do we go??" - Spinal Tape style 'where's the stage' action. 8. Chip prepares for Max Cavalera & some Soulfly action
9. After only 15 minutes in the venue the Vodka catches up with Kablanski. 10. A nice view of both stages from the Rock N' Roll picnic area.
11. Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society bemuse the crowd with some retro metal riffery. 12. An N.H.S cataract operation? Nah, just some drunker eye brow piercing.
13. "Ahhh! So THAT's how it got there!" 14. "That should shut him up!" Kablanski becomes the Phantom Piercer's next victim.
15. Chip on the lookout for some Rock Chick lovin'. 16. Dr Chip checks on the condition of the Coma patient.

IndigoWeb's All-New Score-o-meter (assisted by Blavod Black Vodka, Carling, and Pernod)
***** - Brilliant! **** - Cool indeed! *** - It'll do ** - Yawn! * - GET THE HELL OFF THE STAGE!!!!!

Main Stage
Major energy! Putting Max & the boys on early was a crafty move! Cue much crowd surfing action (UMMM!!! Those big green banners said not too!). Was that Kerry King on geetar? Roots! Major surprise there! Bet Sepultura wish they could play as well as this! *****
I thought I'd really hate them. But as their set went on they won me over in a big way. They were so good! In your face thrash combined with laughs galore! A classic combination. We even got played a tune off the forthcoming album… ahh, they're such nice, thoughtful young people! *****
An incredible, ground breaking band… pushing forward the limits of music to the extreme. Well, that's what everybody seems to say about Tool. So who the hell were these boring bunch of oddballs then? I must say I was so bored I started eating my paper drinks beaker. Ahh.. maybe they were impersonators… *
Black Sabbath
Yahoo! It's Sabbath! Those guys who created heavy stuff, right? Hey, somebody get those elderly roadies off the stage - Sabbath are gonna be here soon! Huh? Y'mean they ARE Sabbath? Jeez, they look like they're gonna croak! Is War Pigs really supposed to be this slow? Seriously, they were OK I guess but compared to Amen, Soulfly & Slipnot they looked pretty out of their depth here today. ***
Kerrang! Stage
Black Label Society
Some good riffs, and Zakk Wydle is a truly entertaining character. But BLS are quite one-dimension really, sort of SoundgardenSabbath-ish. Zakk's previous band, Pride & Glory, were much more quirky and fun to listen to. ***
Papa Roach
So bad I had to hide in the body piercing tent! Nah, actually they were'nt all that bad I guess… ***
Rock!! Chasey Chaos is really quite a top fella and Piss Virus is a classic!! I'm gonna have to buy their album! ****
"Hey, we're from the USA… blah blah blah". OK. Stop it. I don't care! *
A better show than when I saw them support Mazza in January anyway… I guess I judt don't dig it though. **
I was too drunk to remember what any of the other bands got up to. Hey ho. Coming Soon: Indigo Does Reading!

17. Kablanski scares an innocent bystander into taking our team photo. Notice how much space we now have around us from the previous photo… this is due to Kablanski rolling over people, streaking and beating up Nicky P with some WWF moves.