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Ok….so if any of you did or did not know, I am the rhythm guitarist of The Indigo Sunrise, also knows as the Pentatonic Prince!!!!


I started getting interested in playing the guitar sometime around being in the 4th year of Tanbridge House School . I remember borrowing P's old Spanish guitar that I believe was originally his mums, whereby P showed me my first 3 chords A,D&E (can't beat 'em!). It wasn't long until I started to annoy close friends by constantly playing 'Wild Thing'…Believe me..I sounded bad!!

Anyhow, a few years past and I eventually bought my very first guitar from (again) P for £40 I think. It was a black Les Paul copy that I know had already done the rounds for a good few years before! I really liked that guitar, I wonder where it is now?
From this, I got together with some college mates and formed my first band called 'Beans on Toast'!?! After good advice from P, we then changed the name of it to 'Kaphobia'. This band fortunately never gigged, which wasn't really a bad thing, and soon disbanded after a few hours…. though it did give me my first taste of playing in a group.

More time passed and I was soon jamming with my old mate Bruce aka Budfud down at the Cricket club in Warnham. Eventually P started coming down and we soon formed that good ol' band 'Remember Jealousy'. After a few name changes, and a complete change around, The Indigo Sunrise was born……and there you have it.



Name - Nick Wood
Age - 25
Occupation - Slacker

Fav Music:
Lenny Kravitz
Guns N' Roses
Money Mark

Fav Films:
Star Wars/ Raiders trilogies
Goodfellas (you talkin' to me?)

Fav Sport - If any, then it's Snooker (I know what you're thinking - zzzzzzz)

Fav Drink - Bitter & Drambuie….c'mon!!!

Pet Hates - Arrogant people
Hot Orange & honey drink (P's favourite drink when he's ill)
Manufactured pop bands