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I was born in Horsham on 25th February 1975. I wanted to be a Palaeontologist, Space Bounty Hunter or Chris Waddle before deciding on a proper career… that of Rock N' Roll guitar playing person.

So when I was 15, I delivered about 8,012 copies of the Horsham Advertiser and got enough money together to go to Bandwagon and buy a guitar. Straight away, I started taking tuition from a great bloke called Lyn Flanagan. He taught me the most important of all guitar lessons… how to play the intro to 'Sweet Child O'Mine'! After a while I went out on my own and started my first band, the never-legendary Bad Influence. We practised in my parents garage until the neighbours started to take legal action. I then progressed to numerous covers bands while at Collyers, before me and my chums Woody & Brucey decided to form a dodgy originals band that we somehow ended up calling Remember Jealousy.

By this time, I could play lots of songs by other people, but it never occurred to me to write something myself. We couldn't find a singer, so I ended up being the frontman... anyway, we eventually wrote some songs and some people thought they were ace and we came 2nd at Horsham Battle Of The Bands and stuff.

Then we recorded a few EP's that only 6 people ever got to hear! We also had a few personnel changes and name swaps, before finally renaming the whole thing The Indigo Sunrise (after a book that never got written or a cocktail that never got drunk or a blue shaved chimp called marvellous Marvin, depending on who you speak to). So then I helped write loads more songs, about 10% of which were deemed good enough to put on an album, which we released back in April 2001. Since then, we've been cruising around, doing the occasional gig here and there and having a lot of fun in the name of music.

And that is that.


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