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Flush - This is where being in a band all started for me! As singer/guitarist in non-legendary Flush, we wowed audiences with our drummers ability to catch flies in his mouth while playing, amusing cow patterned trousers and bass player lyrics that contained the line "Your techno crap is a pile of pants". Yes, we were Flush! (taken from FLUSHing the toilet - yes we even knew we were crap!). We being:

Craig Sawyer (Me!) - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Tony Boniface - Guitar
Ben Strudwick - Drums
Westy - Bass

We could usually be found at the Roadhouse in Crawley - turning up on "jam" nights to play our stuff, which included a rendition of For Whom The Bell Tolls amounst our own tunes such as Preacher Man, The Game and Dont Piss On My Fireworks.

We also made an appearance at Horsham Battle Of The Bands in 1995 and came a respectable (remarkable?!) 2nd.

For many a month I used to follow the original line-up of Remember Jealousy around - helping at gigs, getting guitar lessons of P etc. Like Phil Young is the six member of The Indigo Sunrise with all his help at gigs etc., I was the fifth member of Remeber Jealousy, until an insestuous re-jiggle in 1996.

1996 was when Flush broke up and Phil left RJ to join a band with myself and Tony Boniface. I sneaked off and started playing bass for RJ without either of them knowing. Atleast, I thought they didnt know!

Funny how 5 years later, Tony is now playing keyboards for TIS and Phil is our Soundman and its all one big happy family again!

Maybe one day I will stick a few of the home recordings from Flush up on this site. I would love to show you loads of photos, but we dont have any (I have one hidding somewhere, I will dig it out) - No photos? this is funny coming from a band whose first ever band practice compromised of a photo shoot!

Slipz (Craig Sawyer!)